Coldfusion and the Nigerian market


I am based in the UK, so I don’t know. How widely is ColdFusion used in the Nigerian marketplace?


It is almost not used at all. My previous employer uses coldfusion only because the MD came to Nigeria from the US. Most Nigerian developers have never heard about coldfusion.


Thanks for your reply. Is there scope for this area of development?


In the first place, whats a coldfusion? what does it do? what is it use for…? and many more questions. all these determine whether we’ll learn it or not. thanks



What OlSylas said. I’m just asking if it is ued in Nigeria at all, but it does not seem so.


My previous post was for @Samson to learn/read about coldfusion.
I used to be a CF developer. I did one web app with it. I was diving into CFFlash or whateva it’s called, before I left it.
CF is cool and very simple though.


@tallgal I don’t think a lot of people will be interested in Coldfusion here in Naija. The cost of buying Coldfusion server license is enough reason to discourage anybody. Since I left my previous employer, I have neva gone near Coldfusion. Most Webservers and Application Servers are free, so why should I pay for one ? Well maybe when a Client request for a CF project and is ready to pay, I don’t think I’ll be ready to use it…All the same I look forward to using CFFlash, that’s one part of CF I didn’t try.


@tallgal I forgot to ask…How Tall Are You ??? lol


6ft 2.

I’ve been using ColdFusion since the beginning, I will happily train you all :slight_smile:


The EEC and big government departments here use it, that’s why.