CodeNigeria Meeting/workshop?


There was Abinibi’s design session and now tomorrow, there will be The Blank White Sheet - all dealing with graphics & designs, isn’t it time we have a session/workshop/seminar or what have you for coders/programmers?

The last one i could remember was a PHP forum some years ago…just my thinking o!


I think that would be helpful.
If you’ve attended events like DevF3st and Google code jam you should have a feel of what is expected.
Also, lets see how this works with the new co-creation Hub being built.


its true oh! our ogas in the industry should please put one together for us. lets have the opportunity of meeting each other and see how we can be better together.


@doctorfox, were those events staged in Nigeria? i knew of Garage48 staged in 9ja but i missed out in the registration closing date.