Bulk Sms Site Creation


Can somebody help with detailed information on how to create a bulk sms sending website.


Creating from scratch would be very tedious, if you are looking into it for business, I advice you subscribe as a reseller to any existing ones like smslive247.com
I hope this helps.


Tks bro, I also tot as much but I am of the opinion that nothing is impossible, somebody must have done that you directed me to. All I want to know is how to go about it and I know there are people who knows how to do the stuff. Please I need answers urgently. Thanks


Am launching a reseller package for www.ibulky.com soon


I sense there is a secret behind this stuff, nobody is ready to talk about it all you guys are saying is reseller option


There is no secret about it. Just like @olawhite said, it’s a tedious process; might take you months to accomplish.


@ OLSylas, I believe since you guys can do it and urs are working they you can still tell us how you did it (the tools and d connection). That will be highly appreciated


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Well the truth is en @adeleke06, you have to do a little research on Web Services (SOAP or REST) then you learn how to use curl() or file() function in PHP then you can access the API for sending bulk sms. That is what these companies do.

Just go to their website, look for Developers API and study it. Mail me for anything again okay


@nimboya, thank you for the response, I surely appreciate it, will definetely get back to you if there are issues would you mind to drop your email add. for further correspondence. Tks


is this leke from nairaland,how far ? just hollaing u.take care.(pc guru)