Are there Facebook and Twitter Developers in Nigeria?

I would really like to know and meet facebook and twitter API developers…recently had my baptism of fire working with
the APIs of these sites. And docs are really outdated.
This can be our codeNigeria corner :slight_smile:

When was d last time u checked? Facebook API has since been updated to support oAuth and very easy methods. There are a lot of fb/twitter devs around. Any dev that has played with APIs can easily work with them. You should give it a short sometime soon.

Kehers, I’ve already started working with the Facebook API. Its just that it changes so rapidly and its frustrating when you encounter a bug and an article solving the issue is based on basic auth or not the graph API etc. But if I have an issue I can always hit you up eh?

Sure…im always ready to help :wink:

You can always ask any question related dat & will share d little knowledge we know

True talk there are a lot of twiter/fb developers in nigera okay.

Do you need something then ask :X