animated nav [scroll left or right]


I dont know if anybody noticed the updated version of google chrome!!! There is a light gray bar at the bottom of the google chrome page (anytime u add a new tab, u’ll see it) with two menus; 1 - Most visited, 2 - Apps. if u try clicking on any of the two tabs, noticed that slick movement? Pls how do i create that?

I also find out that the page doesnt have a scroll bar? thats exactly what i want!!! i dont want my page to scroll at all…anybody have an idea?


If I understand ur question you want to have a sliding background, if yes then jquery will do that for you, concerning the scroll bar, U can do that with your CSS-it still boils down to your width and height property.


@adeleke06: thanks for your response, but, am not looking for a sliding background!!! if you use google chrome browser, it will be easy for you to understand what am saying, then u can help me out. i defiantly know i’ll need a jquary, but too bad, i dont even know how to write jquary!!! lol