Android Developer Challenge


Google this morning announced the Android Developer Challenge for Sub-Saharan Africa.
In a nutshell, it is a competetion to develop the best Android App and win fantastic prizes.
This is a big one folks, see details at:


What about if you know just J2ME? Does that mean you are left out?


There is always a way around things; just try to be there…


I’ve downloaded the Android SDK tools, One platform and the platform tools. Even with all these I couldn’t find where I could write code. I guess the ADT plugin for Eclipse is what I need(from what I’ve read online) which I was unable to download through running Eclipse> clicking Help menu>clicking Add software menuItem>Add … .
Do you have any pointers on how I can get it? If there is anything I still need to know I’m all ears.


Go to Help->Install New Software->Add

Name: Android Update (Or whatever you want)


Thanks for the tip. I’ve gotten Android setup on my computer with both a platform and the platform tools. I’ve even got the Eclipse plug-in “plugged in”. Now I have two more hurdles to jump. First, learn enough of Android to start writing programs for it. Second, coming up with an good idea and coding it just in time to submit it for the competition. I guess if I don’t meet the deadline, learning ‘Android’ programming wouldn’t have been a waste.


For more information on the competition, check out
If you have any great idea that you’d love to implement, any idea that
will bring Nigeria the $25, 000 please submit them at
Who knows you might just get support in implementing that idea. This
post is not just for developers, any idea under the following section
is welcome

Entertainment / Media / Games
Social Networking / Communication
Productivity / Tools / Local / Geo

$25, 000 is a lot of money for all that sleepless nights
Encourage your friends to be a part of this
Also keep up to date with the features on Androiod 2.2
If your ideas are valuable please submit them here
Also remember to vote for Ideas that have been submitted already…

Ijaware Oluwatomiwa
Akure GTUG


I understand what you are saying and it sounds nice and ideal, but don’t you think placing your (usually hard to come by) ideas on some forum may not be such a good idea? Some great programmers out there may just take your idea, improve it and then implement it before you do? The creation of “Facebook” has taught us this lesson.