Web-cam motion detection Java program


i am doing an academic project on motion detection using java. so help me in using jmf and tell me if i can use it with Netbeans.


how to run the project (webcam motion detection) in netbeans???plz urgently give me ans…


in this project,what is process to load alarm n logo in netbeans??plz giv me reply…


Create a Project in Netbeans, Select Categories - Java, Project Java Project with Existing Source, Specify the folder containing the source. And u’re good to go


Sir I am polytechnic student n my project is MOTION DETECTION THREW WEBCAM In JAVA but there is so many problems in my program so plz giv me fine source code plz my mail id [email protected] plz its urgnt…


thnk u so much for ur help sir bcoz u i done my project thk u so much


Sir,Please also mail me the working source code to my mail id [email protected]…I really appreciate your help…


hello sir ur application is running very well but that this app captured images n my teacher told me to record a video after detection so plz plz sir helm me or giv me any solution on that problem plz sir… its my final yr project sir plz…
sir my id :- [email protected] plz sir


I am very sorry. I don’t know how to record video in my code. Here’s a link that may help: http://hamitenglish.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/video/


I am very sorry. I don’t know how to record video in my code. Here’s a
link that may help:
http://hamitenglish.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/video/ . I
think it is exactly what you need. If you have any problems along the
way feel free to ask.


can you plz explain me the exact method which detect motion .in this program alarm is not working properly even there is motion is detected.tell me the key about coding how can i undestand it.one thing more how i can i make the.exe file of this project.reply me soon i need your help regarding coding concepts.


its k sir m wil try


Hello Sir,

I am doing a project on motion detection and i am able to detect the motion and ring alarm with your code but the images are not storing, could you please help me on this.Its urgent!!!


call the method below from within process method in the code u downloaded

variable p is Processor
public static void captureFrame() { FrameGrabbingControl fgc = (FrameGrabbingControl) p.getControl("javax.media.control.FrameGrabbingControl"); Buffer buffer = fgc.grabFrame(); BufferToImage bti = new BufferToImage((VideoFormat) buffer.getFormat()); Image image = bti.createImage(buffer); //write image to file here }


hrishi i made some changes from the program shared by promentheus, it capures images and you can convert it into video. in order to run this program you must have xuggler apps installed and add it into your external library. hope that can be help


you can download xuggler app from http://www.xuggle.com/downloads
and also, it is a windows based… i haven’t tried it in linux.


yashkk maybe you did not specify the folder of your saved images, check your project folder i’m sure the images captured will be saved there.


Hello, could add the option to record it also be issued through a ServerSocket?


@Lomas Yes, it should. If your client application can receive instruction eg in form of text from the server, then such instruction can be used as record command


Did you try that motion detect on this video activex software http://www.videocapx.com ?