Ubuntu Server


Hello guys, I just did completed a project and have tested it on my own localhost and everything is working fine from dbase connection to the dbase output. The Clients gave me access the server and I found that it was really different from the cpanel stuff I am used to. found out that is an Ubuntu server. I don’t know how to work with the database (phpmyadmin) and the client is on my neck because they love what they saw on my system that is using wampserver

Guys I need help.


phpmyadmin is pretty straight forward what do you use for to interface your mysql server? all u need do is export your db with and import it with phpmyadmin


Phpmyadmin is actually very easy to use as codegidi as suggested, export the db from your localhost and upload using import


tks guys, but you guys have not told me about how to do my config file stuff, should I just copy that file too and upload it ?


which config file are u referring to?? php.ini ? did u make any specific changes to your php config for your codes to run?